Alter Ego Calming Shampoo




此品付款之前請WhatsApp 68896000溝通存貨情況/發貨日期事宜 (由於品牌會按時轉換包裝, 舊包裝清貨後發的會是新包裝,歡迎隨時查詢) Alter Ego Calming Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp ACTION Gentle, lightweight shampoo with a sweet scent. Formulated to cleanse, relax and soothe the most sensitive scalps. Ideal as a shampoo for alternating between treatments. USE Apply to wet scalp and hair. Leave to work for a few minutes then rinse. Repeat if necessary. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - BISABOLOL: anti-reddening properties - POTASSIUM OLIVOYL PCA : moisturizing and emollient properties - CHAMOMILE EXTRACT: anti-inflammatory and soothing properties FREE FROM SULPHATES/PARAFFIN WAXES/ SILICONES/ SYNTHETIC DYES 300ml AEI 9188 Alter Ego 鎮定洗髮露 (敏感頭皮專用) 功效 溫和,輕盈的洗髮水,散發甜美香氣。 旨在清潔,放鬆和撫平最敏感的頭皮。 是可在治療之間使用的洗髮水。 適用於濕頭皮和頭髮。 搓洗頭髮後將洗髪水留在頭上幾分鐘,然後沖洗。 如有必要,請重複使用。 有效成分 -BISABOLOL:抗變色性能 -鉀低聚PCA:保濕和潤膚性能 -CHAMOMILE EXTRACT:抗炎和舒緩特性 擺脫 硫酸鹽/石蠟/有機矽/合成染料 300毫升AEI 9188

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