Alter Ego Colour Care Conditioning Cream




此品付款之前請WhatsApp 68896000溝通存貨情況/發貨日期事宜 (由於品牌會按時轉換包裝, 舊包裝清貨後發的會是新包裝,歡迎隨時查詢) Intensive treatment for coloured and bleached hair. It deeply nourishes the hair fibre, preventing the cosmetic color from fading. It's rich texture, enriched with Goji Berries and Urban Shield Technologies smoothens the hair cuticle enhancing softness and shine. Use Apply evenly to the lengths and ends. Leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse. 深層修護因染髮和漂白頭髮而受損的髮質。 它深層滋養頭髮纖維,防止褪色。 它的質地豐富,富含枸杞和Urban Shield技術,可撫平毛鱗片,增強柔軟度和光澤。 使用方法 均勻地塗抹至頭髮末端。 放置3-5分鐘,然後沖洗。

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