Alter Ego Pure Balancing Shampoo




此品付款之前請WhatsApp 68896000溝通存貨情況/發貨日期事宜 (由於品牌會按時轉換包裝, 舊包裝清貨後發的會是新包裝,歡迎隨時查詢) ACTION Purifying, rebalancing shampoo formulated to gently remove excess sebum and / or dandruff. Purifies and cleanses impure skins, leaving the hair light and clean. Instructions Apply to wet scalp and hair. Leave to work for a few minutes then rinse. Repeat if necessary. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - CHAMOMILE EXTRACT: anti-inflammatory and soothing properties - POTASSIUM OLIVOYL PCA: moisturizing and emollient properties - PIROCTONE OLAMINE: antiseptic and anti-oxidizing action. Helps to restore the natural microbial balance of the skin FREE FROM SULPHATES/PARAFFIN WAXES/ SILICONES/ SYNTHETIC DYES 300ml AEI 9185 功效 提純,平衡的洗髮水配方,可輕柔去除多餘的皮脂和/或頭皮屑。 淨化和清潔不潔的皮膚,使頭髮輕盈清潔。 用 適用於濕頭皮和頭髮。 搓洗頭髮後將洗髪水留在頭上幾分鐘,然後沖洗。 如有必要,請重複使用。 有效成分 -CHAMOMILE EXTRACT:抗炎和舒緩特性 -低聚鉀鉀PCA:保濕和潤膚特性 -吡咯烷酮OL胺:防腐和抗氧化作用。 幫助恢復皮膚的自然微生物平衡 不含 硫酸鹽/石蠟/有機矽/合成染料 300毫升AEI 9185

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