Dermacol Aqua Beauty Moisturing Cream / Dermacol 保濕水份日夜霜



BENEFITS It contains active ingredients that help to moisturize the skin (Aquaxyl™️, hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, Kalpariane). Great moisturizing for 24 hours! DESCRIPTION This moisturizing cream with the Aquaxyl™️ active ingredient, hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract is intended for both day and night skin care. It is also great as a make-up base. Its complex of substances improves the skin’s elasticity, protects it against water loss, which helps maintain your skin’s freshness, eliminates the signs of fatigue and revives the skin. 24-hour moisturizing. Skin type: For all skin types, especially for dehydrated skin. 中文名稱: 保濕水份日夜霜 產品編號:4174 產品容量:50ml 適合肌膚:經皮膚科專家測試, 適合所有肌膚使用, 不含防腐劑和矽 主要成份: AQUAXYL™️複合物和透明質酸(AQUAXYL™️complex & hyaluronic acid);CUCUMBER EXTRACT維生素C和B和礦物質(K,Na,Ca,Mg);SEAWEED EXTRACT ;橄欖油;MACADAMIA OIL;AVOCADO OIL產品功效:可全年使用。其含有珍貴天然油(如牛油果,橄欖和澳洲堅果)滋養配方,滋養和滋潤皮膚,AQUAXYL™️複合物和透明質酸的保濕啫喱強效保濕,防止乾燥。重建肌底的水分平衡,保持水潤肌膚。海藻提取物,維生素和天然油脂,恢復和提高皮膚的彈性,再生,保護皮膚免受傷害。 使用方法:早、晚一次,在面部&頸部均勻塗上又到了秋涼時分,保濕變得迫切及必要!

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