Dermacol Magnetique lipstick / Dermacol 經典水潤唇膏




BENEFITS A moisturizing, creamy texture with a high pigment content A wide range of 12 bright shades With vitamin E and caring oils DESCRIPTION Classis lipsticks are eternal! This collection of moisturizing lipsticks with a fine, creamy texture and a high pigment content will perfectly contour and smoothen your lips and provide them with velvety softness. Thanks to vitamin E and caring oils, your lips will stay supple and moisturized all day long. With 12 trendy shades from nude, to pink, red to deep red wine, you can make your lips stand out. Practical clicking packaging with an attractive design. Skin type: For all skin types Apply one layer evenly onto your lips. Then press a tissue between your lips and apply another layer of lipstick. For a more precise lipstick application and precise lip contouring, you can also use a special brush for lipstick application. RESULT Beautifully accentuated, full and moisturized lips without a dry sensation. 優點 具有高色素含量的保濕乳霜質地 多種12種明亮色調 含維生素E和護理油 經典口紅是永恆的! 此系列保濕口紅具有細膩,乳脂狀的質地和較高的色素含量,可完美勾勒輪廓和撫平您的嘴唇,並為它們提供天鵝絨般的柔軟感。 多虧了維生素E和護理油,您的嘴唇終日保持水潤滋潤。 從裸色到粉紅色,紅色到深紅色,共有12種流行色調,您可以使您的嘴唇脫穎而出。 皮膚類型:適用於所有皮膚類型 在嘴唇上均勻塗抹一層。 然後在嘴唇之間按一張紙巾,再塗一層口紅。 要獲得更精確的口紅應用和精確的唇部輪廓,還可以使用特殊的刷子來塗抹口紅。嘴唇立即顯得飽滿而滋潤,沒有乾燥感。

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