Ensure Guard Mini Fogger with one 100ml refill Set 安素膜Mini Fogger套裝配有一枝100毫升消毒噴灑液補充裝



The Mini Fogger is a handheld and rechargeable fogging device that is able to perform continuous fogging over large service areas (such as your home or your vehicle). With the simple click of a button, this portable device which holds over 100mL of Ensure Guard can emit a strong and continuous stream for approx. 45mins of continuous use on every recharge. To stop, click the button again and place it back into its specifically designed acrylic charging stand, ready for its next use. The Mini Fogger kit also includes a travel pouch which allows everything (including the device, stand, charging cables and refill bottles) to be packed up nicely, to be taken on your next adventure, wherever that may be. 安素膜最新推出的Mini Fogger是一套DIY專業深層霧化消毒產品,不論在家中、 辦公室、車廂、機艙或酒店房間⋯⋯,均可隨時隨地自行進行專業消毒,既方便又經濟。 Mini Fogger是一套便攜式可充電霧化設備,體積小巧,可為較大範圍進行深層霧化消毒。設備操作簡單,只需按一下按鈕即可啓動並持續噴霧。每次充滿電後可連續使用約45分鐘。Mini Fogger特別配備一個精緻底座,除了方便穩妥地安放設備,更能當作充電座,容器最多能注入100毫升安素膜。 Mini Fogger 用途甚廣,可在每天出門前迅速地為全身上下進行消毒,亦可定期為車廂、家居、衣櫃、廚房、浴室、嬰兒或年長者房間、診所⋯⋯進行DIY深層霧化消毒。 套裝附有一個旅行包,只要放入底座,充電線及100毫升安素膜便可隨身攜帶,是未來旅行必備的恩物。 Ensure Guard is a pioneering sanitizing product that is 100% natural and kills ≥99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria with a long lasting effect with its unique Nano technology coating. With the frequent outbreaks of new viruses and infectious diseases, many organizations commonly adopt applications such as hand sanitizers and common sterilization at key locations. The limitation of the sanitizers in the current market are only effective at the instance of application with no lasting effect and are only on a limited range of germs or bacteria. Our Air Sanitizing System deploys a unique natural disinfectant eradicating flu, viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses family series(e.g. H1N1 and H3N2…) preventing cross infection and microbial contamination. This technology is 100% natural and can serve as an effective deodorizing agent with no side effects on human, pets or environment. In support of the concept of sustainability, all Ensure Guard bottles are also specially designed to be refillable and recyclable. 安素膜是一種全天然有機及創新先進的消毒產品,並可以持久有效地99.99%或以上殺滅及預防病菌、病毒和細菌。 隨著頻繁爆發的新型病毒及傳染性疾病,各方都採用了不同的殺菌方法,但是市場內現有流通的殺菌方法,不論是使用化學製劑或天然成份的,其效能亦只局限於某範圍內的細菌和病毒,而且效力亦只是使用時的短暫性效果。 安素膜利用其獨特的天然配方,高效地全面抗菌滅菌,徹底根除流感、病毒和細菌,並預防交叉感染。安素膜採用全天然成份,對人類、動植物及環境均不會產生任何副作用及傷害。 所有安素膜的噴霧瓶均設計成可重複使用和循環回收,完美體現安素膜重視自然和環境保護的價值。 Ensure Guard applied technologies that has been certified by internationally recognized institutions: ALS Bureau Veritas GRA IQTC MICROBAC SGS STC 安素膜所應用的技術已獲多個國際認證機構頒發證書 ALS Bureau Veritas GRA IQTC MICROBAC SGS STC Ensure Guard已經攞咗澳洲化驗所報告(澳洲政府衛生部TGA認可)確認有效殺滅新冠病毒COVID 19 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://www.instagram.com/p/CHhR2pvjrgd/?igshid=elpyim7cb9yb