Ensure Guard Motion Sensor Mister with 1x200ml refill set/安素膜智能感應噴霧器配有一枝200毫升消毒噴灑液補充裝



The Motion Sensor object over its sensor. Specifically designed based on the nano characteristic of Ensure Guard, an ultra-fine mist will be emitted to provide instant contactless disinfection. Perfect to be placed at the entrance of any venue, such as the office, clinic, school or your own home. Weighing merely 138g, the Motion Sensor Mister is portable yet powerful. When fully charged, the mister can operate for 2 hours. Despite its small size, its 100ml container can provide over 200 x 4 second uses. Product Specification Size: (H)84x(W)60x(L)76mm Voltage: 5V Power: 1.4W Weight: 138g Capacity: 100ml 體積小巧,設備特別配合安素膜的納米特性,可噴出極幼細噴霧。充電式設計適合擺放於任何場合的入口處,只要伸手或把物件放至感應器上,噴霧即時噴出,做到無接觸消毒雙手或物件,防止交叉感染。 安素膜智能感應噴霧器噴霧細、耗量少,內置100毫升容量已足夠提供200次以上維持4秒的消毒。 規格 呎吋: (長)84毫米x (闊)60毫米x (高)76毫米 電壓: 5V 功率: 2W 重量: 138克 水箱容量: 100毫升 Ensure Guard已經攞咗澳洲化驗所報告(澳洲政府衛生部TGA認可)確認有效殺滅新冠病毒COVID 19 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 https://www.instagram.com/p/CHhR2pvjrgd/?igshid=elpyim7cb9yb