ILIADA Organic Green Olives Pitted/ILIADA有机绿橄榄 - 370g



Made in Greece 希臘製造 • An integral part of any table, handpicked and packed in water, salt and organic vinegar. Our Green olives have a firm texture indicative of their harvesting with a bitter-grassy taste. •Their freshness is best accompanied with salads, appetizers, sauces, pizza or as a stand-alone healthy snack. •经精心挑选并包装在水,盐和有机醋中, 可成为任何餐桌中的一部分。 我们的绿橄榄具有坚实的质感,展现新鲜与苦涩的味道。 •表达他们的新鲜度最好的方式是作为色拉,开胃菜,酱汁,比萨饼或单独食用的健康零

Anda mungkin juga berminat


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