Jessy & Company Hydra Immunica™ System Restoration & Immunity Tonic 30ml 医学科研抗氧化及免疫力配方 30ml



Jessy & Company Hydra Immunica™ System Restoration & Immunity Tonic 30ml 医学科研抗氧化及免疫力配方 30ml ✅✅✅ 預防新冠及新冠後遺症救星!!!! - 獨家研發高效配方 - 經高科技處理及采用醫學級輸送系統 - 大幅提高生物利用率及穩定性 - 能被細胞直接吸收利用 - 有助抗氧化及提高免疫力 - 有助改善新冠後遺症 - 有助保護心血管及神經健康 - 美國FDA注册GMP廠房生産 😃😄👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼SPECIAL OFFER: Enter promotion code (優惠代碼) “JESSYVIP” upon checking out to get cash coupon of HKD105 and get Jessy & Company Hydra Immunica™ for HKD850 🙀👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Jessy & Company Hydra Immunica™ System Restoration & Immunity Tonic, a comprehensive antioxidant and immune formula with exclusive PeneCell-DF™ methodology. Using innovative pharmaceutical grade carrier delivery system, the stability, bioavailability and water solubility are greatly improved. White Curcumin and other antioxidant active ingredients are directly penetrating and utilized by body cells, restarting cell vitality and restoring youth. Unlike other supplement products in the market: low bioavailability, instability, low activity and excess dosage, our products uses high-active ingredients treated with high technology, which can penetrate cells without transformation and almost instantly, and be used by the body. Combined with a precise formula developed by experts, it helps protect body functions, especially the heart, blood vessels and nerves, activate the vitality of body cells, and enhance resistance to viruses and relieve symptoms after infection. This product can be directly consumed or added to beverages and foods without time limit, which greatly increases the convenience of use. Active Ingredients: White Curcumin, Coenzyme Q10, Green Tea Extract (EGCG), Quercetin, Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Potassium Jessy & Company以独家PeneCell-DF™细胞科研,研发出全面抗氧化及免疫力配方,使用创新的医学级载体传输技术,大幅改善稳定性、生物利用率及水溶性,能让白姜黄素及多种抗氧化活性成份直接被身体细胞吸收利用,重啟细胞活力,回复青春。针对市面上一般的保健品:生物利用率低、不稳定、低活性及过量等问题。本产品使用经高科技处理的高活性成份,能夠不转化不限速地渗透细胞,被身体利用。再配合专家研发的精准配方,帮助保护身体机能,尤其是心臟、血管和神经,激活身体细胞活力,以及增强抵抗病毒和减轻感染后的症状。本产品能直接饮用或添加于饮料和食品,没有时间限制,大大增加使用时的方便性。 成分: 白姜黃素、輔酶Q10、绿茶提取物(EGCG)、槲皮素、维生素B群、锌、钾

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