Medicom Bathing Wipe 8's/Medicom免沖水沐浴濕巾



2022年2月14日更新: 由於疫情關係, 此產品倉庫運作有特殊安排, 購買此產品發貨日期需要一星期時間, 如有不便請見諒, 購買前可以先WhatsApp 68896000 溝通🙏🏼 購買此產品請選擇”運費到付” For this item. Please choose SF express cash on delivery Description: [MEDICOM] Safe Touch Bathing Wipes [8pc] SAFETOUCH Bathing Wipes is designed for daily bathing and should not be used for incontinence cleanup. Be sure to use our Comfort Shield Barrier Cloths for any incontinence cleanup. To prepare SAFETOUCH Bathing Wipes for use, first take a package out of the Comfort Personal Cleansing warmer. Or if your facility doesn't have the warmer, you can simply warm the package in the Sage microwave. If you're going to heat the products in the Sage microwave, check the back of the package to see how long it needs to be warmed. Peel back the product's label and stick it to the top of the package without removing it. Notice the inside of the package is insulated to retain warmth. Put it in the microwave and select the time indicated on the back of the package. When it's done, remove the package from the microwave and reseal the label. Features: Suitable for Using outdoor if there has no water supplies around. Reuseable Wipes Specification: Part No.:1020602 Colour: White Weight: 200g Size: 20 x 20cm Total Capacity on each Package: 8pcs Package Contents: Bathing Wipes x 8pcs

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