Synergicare Instant Smooth Serum



Instant Smooth serum is part of the SyneriCare Smoothing range. Use after Smoothing Shampoo and instant Smooth Mask and use Humidity Stopper serum to finish. All work together to create a smooth look and feel to frizz prone hair. Instant Smooth Serum is a leave in treatment that is applied to damp hair, dried in and then straighteners activate the thermo straightening effect. This has a mini- brazilian blowdry effect on the hair as the product contains vegan kerazyme. The treatment leaves course and frizz hair soft, light, hydrated and smooth. The effect is long lasting if used with a a sulaphate free shampoo and conditioner. This is professional product for the consumer product try No More frizz to use at home. Instant Smooth精華是SyneriCare平滑系列的一部分。 在使洗髮水順滑並立即使用光滑面膜後使用,可以創造出光滑的外觀。 Instant Smooth Serum是即時護理,適用於濕髮,乾燥後,再用拉直劑激活熱拉直效果。 由於產品中含有純素食性角質酶,因此對頭髮具有微巴西的吹乾效果。 護理可使毛躁和捲曲的頭髮柔軟,輕盈,水潤和光滑。 如果與無硫酸鹽的洗髮水和護髮素一起使用,效果會持久。 這是用於消費者的專業產品。