SynergieCare Deep Nourishing Mask




SynergiCare Deep Nourishing Mask is part of the Color Xtend Range. Deep Nourishing mask moisturises, nourishes and stops colour fading. Active ingredients such as Phytocoll Marine extract, Sunflower oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rise bran and Cermides deeply hydrate and protect against environmental factors. Use to condition hair after using Color Xtend Shampoo. Deep Nourishing Mask comes in a 1000ml salon size or 250ml retail size. SynergiCare深層滋養髪膜是Color Xtend系列的其中一項產品。 深層滋養髮膜可滋潤,滋養並阻止褪色。 活性成分(例如Phytocoll海洋提取物,葵花籽油,甜杏仁油,米糠和Cermides)可以深層滋潤並保護環境因素造成的損害。 在使用Color Xtend洗髮水後用於調理頭髮。 深層滋養髪膜有1000毫升沙龍級容量或250毫升零售容量。

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