SynergieCare Pro Energy Shampoo




A Sulphate and paraben free (SLES free) shampoo formulated energise the scalp and nourish the hair. The result is stronger and fuller hair. A unisex shampoo designed to energise the scalp, improve hair thickness and help stop hair loss. The Biomineral5 provides an intensive nourishment, while the Prolife formula improves the microcirculation, reinstating thickness and strength to the hair shaft, leaving hair strong, soft and shiny. If you are male use in conjuction with Active Energy Lotion and Female use with Kera Energy Lotion. Both designed to tackle specific needs of male or female hair thinning. Synergicare Energy Response comes in 1000ml and 250ml sizes. 不含硫酸鹽和對羥基苯甲酸酯(不含SLES)的洗髮水可為頭皮增添活力,滋養秀發。 結果使頭髮更結實飽滿。 一種男女通用的洗髮水,旨在為頭皮增添活力,改善頭髮厚度,並幫助防止脫髮。 Biomineral5可提供豐富的營養,而Prolife配方可改善微循環,恢復髮乾的厚度和強度,使頭髮結實,柔軟和有光澤。 如果您將男性與活性能量乳液結合使用,並將女性與Kera能量乳液結合使用。 兩者都旨在滿足男性或女性稀疏頭髮的特定需求。 Synergicare能量響應有1000ml和250ml兩種尺寸。

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